Firstly, what is Qoya?

Qoya is a movement practice for women that combines yoga, dance, sensual movement, ritual, breathing, oracle cards, community and so much more. The intention is to help a woman get out of her head and back into your body, reconnecting to the innate wisdom and magic that lies within. Through Qoya we tap into the pulse of life. We learn to first recognise this feeling in our bodies, to honour and accept it, and then we are able to express it in our daily lives. We let go of judgments of “right” and “wrong” and instead practice being wholeheartedly Present and accepting of ourselves in the moment.

At the Heart of Qoya:


Qoya we believe that it is through our bodies that we remember our true essence as Wise, Wild & Free. For more information about Qoya, Rochelle Schieck and to access some free movement videos, check out the Official Qoya Website.

More on my personal experiences with Qoya here.


My Qoya Offerings


I am currently offering monthly classes
◊ A Saturday or Sunday (2hr)
◊ @ AKA Yoga Studio, 140 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick, Melbourne
◊ $25 (cash or eftpos on the day)

RSVP is essential as the space is intimate, please check out my Facebook page for upcoming dates and RSVP in the “Events” tab.
contact me for enquiries.



This is an invitation to go even deeper.

◊ For anyone that would prefer a more intimate setting, a lush 1-on-1 space for you to explore completely without restraint.
◊ Especially beneficial during times of major life changes, to help you pause, go within and access the wisdom that lies in your body.
◊ Gain clarity, flow and peace.

Before our time together we will come up with a theme for the class, after which I will craft a playlist, which you will also receive a Spotify link to afterwards so that you can revisit and continue to anchor in at any time.

Energetic investment= $99 for a 75-90min session (+ any space rental fees if not being held at your home). Please reach out here x


Qoya offers a beautiful space to transcend the everyday routines our relationships often slip into, and offers an opportunity for meaning, depth, joy and connection.

Ideal for:
◊ Special birthday celebrations
◊ Unconventional hen’s parties
◊ Blessingways
◊ Workplace bonding experiences
◊ Retreats

The theme of our time together is adaptable to any situation, some ideas include- Wild Woman, Sacred Sisterhood, Grateful Heart, Feminine Rising, New Beginnings & Goddess. 

Prices start at $222 for a 3hr workshop with up to 6 women, +$15pp > 6 (+ space rental fee if not being held in a space of your choosing) Please reach out so we can have a chat about what you need and how we can bring Qoya into the lives of more women!