“The Earth is not just our environment.
We are the Earth and the Earth is us.
We have always been one with the Earth”
– Thich Nhat Hanh


Reclamation of the Medicine Woman

When you take the time to connect with plants and observe their interaction with you, you are effectively waking up the archetypal energy of the Medicine Woman. You are leading, with a battle cry, the reclamation of your inner healer and Wise Woman. You are honouring the long line of humans that have come before you, who survived only by understanding and working with the plant helpers all around them. Maybe some of your ancestors were healers themselves, at the very least the average person had a working knowledge of basic plants and herbs and how they could benefit our health and quality of life.

You have this knowledge and connection to plants inside of you and if you choose, you can reclaim it. You can empower yourself with not only facts, but also the embodied experiences of working with plants on a daily basis. I’d love to help facilitate your journey in whatever way I can x


How I Can Help


My selection of handmade:
◊ Essential oil prayer-balls
◊ Bush flower essences
◊ Room mists
◊ Whatever else I’m currently feeling called to create!
All are lovingly created in sacred space with clear intention, Reiki energy, sound and a whole lot of good-juju!




I’ve worked with doTERRA essential oils for over three years and I wholeheartedly believe that when it comes to purity, range, accessibility and cultivation of community and knowledge-sharing, they are the best.
◊ Essential oils are an integral part of any of my Qoya classes, workshops and 1-on-1 Soul Sessions.
◊ I offer a free 30-minute Skype chat to anyone who would like to know more about how to cultivate a solid working relationship with these powerfully concentrated plant allies. Reach out here for more information.
◊ Check out my own personal journey with essential oils here.
◊ Click here to be directed to the main doTERRA site where you can browse the full range.



An intimate gathering of your favourite ladies, a glass of wine or kombucha, nibbles and the ancient practice of sitting in sacred space with other women sharing knowledge.
◊ Diving deep into the magic of the plant world and re-awakening all of your senses to the joy and simplicity of pure plant medicine.
◊ $25pp (min 4 people) and I will come to you for a lush 2hr workshop based on a theme of your choosing and including nibbles, samples and a booklet of information.
Message me here  with any questions and to book your next special night in.



It is not my job to sell you on anything, to persuade you or convince you that my beliefs are “right”. My calling is to facilitate space for you to tap into your own intuitive guidance, to honour your unique path and encourage you to fully step into your power.