My History with Essential Oils

Essential oils, in some form or another, have been a part of my life from a young age.
Rose geranium & bergamot were the oils of choice for my mother growing up, and while I didn’t fully understand why, I can still remember using a tissue soaked in geranium to help ease the crippling anxiety of my HSC examinations.

Fast-forward five years and I found myself working in a luxury organic skin care company in Australia, where essential oils were the main active component of the products. On a daily basis I had customers coming in with complaints of eczema, redness/inflammation, stress, insomnia, scarring, cellulite etc etc and seeing first hand the astonishing effect these plants had on people’s skin, as well as their emotions, was pretty awe-inspiring.

It was in preparation for our honeymoon to Mexico that I first came across doTERRA essential oils.
After completing a couple of parasite cleanses I was determined to not pick up one during our travels, and in researching preventative methods oregano essential oil pretty well dominated the results.
It was a natural progression from there to read up about the importance of purity and sourcing, and again the results steered me in a clear direction: doTERRA. They were praised again and again from people and in sources I felt a deep and true resonance with.

Armed with oregano, DigestZen, lemon & tea tree we set off on a four month backpacking adventure spanning the entire length of Mexico and wow the anecdotal evidence and experiences we had in that time with the oils’ power…
I guess you could say it was life-changing because we’ve never really looked back!

I’ve come a long way since then, I’ve devoured many books on the subjects of plant medicine, watched countless webinars and documentaries and have been exploring other wondrous aspects of plant healing such as flower essences, tea-blending and herbal oil infusions. The spiritual & energetic healing qualities of plants and essential oils is also a subject of passionate interest for me.
Having said this, I do not in any way claim to be a professional or expert in this field (yet, at least). I look at my role with these tools as firstly helping and encouraging people to connect more deeply with their own self-healing intuitive abilities, and secondly in providing resources (created by experts) so that the knowledge of our plant allies is free and available to all who seek their wisdom.