Yikes! This one has taken a little longer than anticipated to finish off, but I guess that’s a part of the organic process of writing and living. Only two months into this year and I’ve already been called to deeply  surrender more than I could have anticipated…

Very early in January I was working on finishing the original December Streaming post when my husband Paul received an unexpected email from Australian Immigration, stating that we had 28 days to submit all of the evidence to support our Partnership visa! Thinking that we had at least another 12 months to collate this evidence, you can bet this was a huge shock. While it wasn’t a bad thing (getting a verdict quicker is definitely better!) it did mean that everything in our life essentially revolved around getting It DONE.

I literally had to just lean into the flow of those 28 days. I was required to become consumed by It. It takes some people a solid three months of collating to get their relationship evidence together (and that’s the speedy/well organised ones apparently). We had four weeks. The bureaucracy, the infinite to-do list, the waiting on hold, the endless forms (honestly just one of my applications was 29 pages long!) and always the underlying reality that you essentially need to convert your beautiful, organic, winding, inter-national, inter-continental, inter-dimensional love-story into a legal, maximum-60-attachment document.

I let everything unnecessary to that very moment just fall away. I prioritised like a Professional, I asked for help & support, whether it was to go home early from work whenever possible or to ask my sisterhood for prayers and good vibes, and I sat down with that visa

Isn’t it funny though that on reflection I’ve realised that it was exactly the medicine that I needed. It was the best way I could have started off this year- it obliterated my expectations (of a luxuriously chill start to the year full of journaling, blog writing, picnics, visualisations *insert suitably New Age New Year Practice here*) and tested my perseverance and dedication like nothing I have ever experienced before. 

Having just birthed my first real creation (right here baby! The Feminine Frequency!) I needed to feel and fully embody my strength, my sheer determination, my ability to get shit done on a Big Scale. Having come through that month and seeing what I can accomplish, I feel weirdly lighter. Definitely nicer to myself.

I fucking created a miracle, and I did it in a way that honoured myself.

I tried to stay present to the discomfort (boy there was a lot of that!), I consciously changed my thoughts by focusing on the beauty of our love and what this application could mean for us, I rested when I needed to and I never gave up. And it all came together. 

We’re still waiting for the official verdict so I will keep you posted! Any and all good thoughts/prayers are very welcome x

On with the Streaming! This list is entirely from December as January was strictly reading by necessity.

Spiced Cacao Truffles by Little Bird
-> Alright, I might be a little biased as I was lucky enough to work for this divine company when I lived in Auckland, but these truffles are so darn GOOD! Paul isn’t really into spiced/dried fruit so we actually omit all of that and they taste amazing as simply dark chocolate truffles. We usually have leftover melted chocolate and make that into a chocolate bar. Peppermint and orange essential oils also work a treat!

The Very Real Psychological Benefits of Cooking for Other People
-> I really love cooking for other people. I don’t do it as often as I would like but I love how this article sums up exactly how I feel about it and inspires me to do even more!

This Woman Swims Naked Year-Round in Snowdonia’s Cold Mountain Lakes. The Resulting Film Is Beautiful.
-> Absolutely stunning. Haunting. Awe-inspiring. Aching. Beautiful.
I love people that remind me of the primal connection we as humans share with the Earth; who show up every day in their own lives with such reverence for the land they inhabit. I love this video so much x

Ecstatic Birth
-> Can birth really be a pleasurable experience? I find this idea both totally fascinating and totally revolutionary. I’d heard whispers of “orgasmic” births through my social media feeds but it wasn’t until I heard the Lifestyle of Reverence podcast episode with Rochelle and Sheila Hay that I actually got a feel for what it’s about (listen to it here) and what I really took away from it was that when a woman feels empowered with knowledge and choices, birth can be infinitely safer and opens the door to possible feelings of ecstasy. If this interests you I highly recommend checking out the website and you there are a number of free downloads to get you inspired!

Choosing Shoes For Healthy Feet: A Practical Guide to Minimal Shoes
-> Okay so I will definitely write an article about how the work of Katy Bowman has already changed my life (and continues to!) but a dear friend of mine sent me this EPIC article and I had to share with you! It is so comprehensive and well thougt out. I’m personally still in the process of converting my shoes and helping my feet adjust to being more minimal… I will keep you posted! 😉

-> What the heck are rampages? Well in this context, I am referring to edited YouTube videos of the work of Abraham-Hicks (learn about them here) that offer inspiring, motivating and enlightening guidance for a range of different intentions. I was first introduced to them through the work of Peta Kelly (she deserves a blog post all of her own, but you can check out her work here). The best thing to do is search “Abraham rampages” on YouTube and check out all of the offerings. A couple of my favourites are: this, this and this. These can be an incredible tool for energy re-calibration, think first thing in the morning on the way to work or after meditating, when something happens that gets you stuck in a self-pity-spiral etc

Humans of New York: The Series
-> Um. I don’t know if there are words for this one? It’s the guy behind the beautiful Humans of New York photo series. But he’s made mini episodes based around various themes like “Relationships” and it’s just pure humanity. It’s beautiful and heart-breaking and heart-expanding and I tear up every damn time.

Sarah Silverman’s Response to a Twitter Troll is a Masterclass in Compassion
-> YAS! This is just beautiful. A powerful reminder that we never really know other people’s stories, even (especially) if their words/actions are pushing us away. 

Four Rituals Neuroscience Supports to Make You Happy
-> Such a clearly written article that really explains why those popular/”trendy” wellness exercises (gratitude practice, meditation etc) actually work. On a physiological level. I totally geeked out to this and it backs up a lot of what Qoya is about so that’s another WIN!  

◊ Because I love this and I want to share it with as many people as I can… x

Musical Offering

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