My Journey With Qoya

My Journey With Qoya

I took my first Qoya class in early 2016, in Auckland NZ with my dear friend and teacher Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian. It was a 3hr workshop and the theme was “Sweet Release”. I had never experienced anything like it, my mind and heart were totally BLOWN wide open!

I went straight home after the workshop and Googled how to become a Qoya teacher and a matter of months later I was told the exciting news that both the level 2 & 3 training were going to be offered in Auckland within a year! It really felt like divine timing.

The more classes I participated in, and later held, I could feel my connection to my body and intuition get stronger and clearer. The effects in my daily life were both subtle and powerful:
◊ I became more compassionate and less judgmental towards myself, and naturally towards others.
◊ I made decisions more quickly and with less fretting by tapping into the expansive/contracted sensations in my body.
◊ I had tools like setting sacred space and shaking to help me set boundaries, be more present and also quickly and effectively move through sticky situations that no longer served me.
◊ I also became a part of an incredibly strong, loving Sisterhood of fellow Qoya teachers and students that teach me so much about wisdom, love and the bonds of our shared experiences.

To be a Qoya teacher is such an honour and privilege for me.

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