Well, what a month that’s been!
I know from chatting to people at work and my social media accounts that I’m not the only one coming out the other side of Scorpio season feeling a bit like I’ve been machine spun and hung out to dry! (which all obviously makes sense when you check out the astrological juju that’s been around)

Even though it’s been pretty intense, November has also been one of the most rewarding and healing months of my year so far.

I started it off by heading home to the North Coast of NSW (near Byron Bay) for my 10 year high school reunion and to catch up with my parents. There was something incredibly cathartic about revisiting my high school days, many of which were actually some of the most painful of my life. To be able to go there and feel how much stronger I am now; how incredibly satisfied I am with what I’ve done with my life over the last 10 years. It was in the pilgrimage back to my Home and by fully, wholeheartedly allowing myself to revisit the past that I felt the contrast in my body & spirit; I gained serious knowledge about myself, and stuff shifted. What stuff, I’m not exactly sure, I don’t think it needs or wants to be named. It Just Is and it’s taken time to settle.

Another interesting aspect of the reunion was that I chose not to drink alcohol. I was a little nervous going into it, knowing that I wouldn’t be drinking and really hoping that nobody would make a deal about it, but I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe everyone was awkward/nervous enough about being in a room full of memories that my choice barely registered (and/or I carried it off confidently enough that people just assumed that it’s a “Klyne thing” and has been for a while). Having a sober perspective throughout the night and being able to stay conscious of my feelings and thoughts about being there helped me to get everything I needed out of the experience.

I’ve actually been mostly not drinking since the end of July (just over four months now) and I have to say it has been making a huuuuuge difference to my overall health and vitality. I can especially see the difference in the quality of my skin and the whites of my eyes. On an emotional level I feel a lot more… Myself? I would say emotionally grounded but I feel like that might imply that I haven’t had my ups and downs, which I have, but I feel more like Me; like a heightened inward sensitivity and clarity. I started really feeling like drinking, even occasionally as I had been, was just a distraction; a waste of my precious time and energy.

I’m not completely teetotaler, I’m so done with hardcore, uber-restrictive anything in my life, and I had a glass of champagne for my birthday the other day, but I’m feeling a whole lot clearer about my choices and how they actually feel in my body and that is so valuable to me. I’ll keep you posted 😉

A short week and a half after getting home from the reunion I then got back on a plane and flew to the Gold Coast where I assisted at a divine Qoya & Vision Quest retreat in the ancient hinterland rainforest surrounded Mt Wollumbin. Even now I struggle to put into words the raw, sensual, intense, profound energy of the experience. I felt so, so humbled and grateful to have been invited there by a very special, dear friend and Teacher of mine. It was a deep-dive immersion for me into the dynamic of being both the eternal Student and yet also stepping into the energy of the Teacher; finally sharing some of the wisdom within me that so desperately wants to be shared while honouring that my own learning is without end. I posted a few photos over on my instagram account if you’d like to have a look at some of the magic that was…

Another thing I’d like to share about my November was my decision to drastically cut down my soy intake. It’s felt like a long time coming and after the retreat it just felt like the right time to experiment and see how it felt. Well, it’s been interesting! I kind of expected it to be, it has strong hormonal-altering properties and I am already very sensitive to the effects of plants, but ultimately I think that no matter what science/facts there are about something, you aren’t going to know what it does to your body specifically until you consciously experiment with it. And you need to wait until it feels right for you to do so, or you won’t have the leverage to push through the sticky, hard bits (like resisting that soy chai latte, in my case)

It’s not as easy to see/feel as say when I eat wheat or dairy (ouchies) but there is definitely a difference… Initially there is a lightness, less sluggish and lethargic feeling. I’m still feeling my way through it though, so will keep you updated on my journey as it becomes clearer.


To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me
–> This article originally broke around the time of the recent #metoo campaign. I’m very blessed to have men in my life that are open and willing to learn more about the realities of being a woman in our modern world, and so this article looks at another interesting (and sad) facet to that experience. 

8 Things Your Vagina Would Tell You If She Could Speak…
–> I love EVERYTHING about this article! YES YES YES! 
I believe this is a fundamental step in modern feminism- the reclaimation of our bodies and especially our Yoni! Facing and working through any shame we have about this sacred part of our body is all a part of The Work. I love how simple this article makes it. Just get a mirror and bring your loving attention there more often x

Dancing Can Reverse the Signs of Aging in the Brain
–> This is just so beyond cool and awesome. I mean, I feel like it is pretty widely known how physically beneficial dancing is but to have hard science backing it up gives me hope that in the future it might be more commonly accepted “therapy” for people who need it most.

Radical Forgiveness, Free Tools Resource
–> So I’ve just finished reading the book “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping (check it out here) and WOW… I originally heard about it from the Qoya Teachers Recommended Reading list (very relevant to Qoya as there are whole sections about emotions being energy within the body and that through movement we can help release that which needs to be let go of) and again a dear friend of mine was raving about it

Spiritual Stasis & the Void of Becoming
–> I’ve read this article a few times now, over the course of this last year, and each time I receive a new insight and re-gain perspective on my journey. I offer it as a gift to you, for any time you are in transition and feel as though you are in “spiritual stasis”. May you come to see the perfection and necessity of it all x

So when you are find yourself feeling stuck and stagnant, when no amount of action seems to cut through the fog, rather than naming it as a spiritual crisis, look at it as a time when the sediment is settling into a beautiful phantom. Not only is it a line that marks the transition from one phase to another, it is an honouring point, a surrendering to the fertile void. When you finally sense the shift into forward movement, that ‘empty’, frustrating time will reveal its deeper beauty.

Yoga Pants Are Destroying the Planet
–> Woah. I’ve been becoming more aware of the impact of “fast-fashion” over the last couple of years, and I can say now that after reading this article I had another light bulb moment. Of course plastic micro-fibres end up in our oceans when we wash plastic/petroleum-based fibre clothing. Duh.
(This past week I just stumbled across a great Aussie company that now makes bamboo based activewear! Hurray! Check them out here)

What Happens When You Give a Tree an Email Address
–> Ergh. There is just something SO adorable about this article!


I haven’t actually done a whole lot of podcast/audiobook listening this month. I’m still sporadically (intuitively) listening to the Sophia Code audiobook (mentioned in last month’s Stream) and working my way through the Lifestyle of Reverence podcast (again, see last month)

I have been listening to loads of music for my Qoya playlists so this month I thought I’d share a few of my favourites, enjoy!

(^ awesome Qoya Heart-Opening track!)

(^ Again, perfect Qoya Heart Opening track)

(^ I used this for my Eagle Medicine ‘Freedom’ playlist as a silent breathwork intro to our Yoga As Prayer section)

(^ I loveeee this song… When I feel “homesick” for Aotearoa I play this. I used it as a stretching track in a Qoya class)


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