Ways to Instantly Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve & Why This Is So Powerful
-> Another amazing, well-researched and thorough article by the blogger Organic Olivia about the longest nerve in the body that connects directly to every organ in the body (!!!)

The Aussie Birthing Course That Has Mothers & Scientists Talking
-> Wow! Such an inspiring story of creation and the potentially far-reaching benefits of this course are very exciting!

The Great Australian Nightmare
-> Taking a look at the strong cultural belief that owning your home is The Great Australian Dream and how in reality it is currently looking and feeling more like a nightmare. I especially found the insights relating to the difference between Australia’s rental market and Europe’s fascinating! I’m not at all against owning your own home but I am also very in favour of thinking outside the box and looking at ways we could be innovating and updating the system to make it more accessible and dare I say enjoyable?

Straight People Don’t Exist, New Research Says
-> You know that feeling you get when you’ve just had an interesting conversation with a friend only to have something in your social media pop up and IT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT!? Well, this article was that experience for me this week after having a particularly interesting conversation with a friend about how I’ve always felt that sexuality is more of a sliding scale, with no hard absolutes. Apparently there is now scientific data starting to back this up 😉 I feel so excited seeing studies like this because it feels like the harsh dualities dissolving; like the hard edges softening and blurring and hopefully paving the way for a future that is far more tolerant and compassionate and inter-connected.

What’s Your V-Sign Type? Quiz
-> A quiz just for women to help them better understand what their period is trying to tell them about their current state of health. Created by Alisa Vitti who is a functional nutritionist and women’s hormone specialist, also creator of the period tracking app MyFlo (which I have recently gotten into and LOVE!)

What’s Your Sleep Type (Chronotype)? Quiz
-> Wow! I’m a dolphin and it was so bang on! This quiz is deeply rooted in the latest scientific findings regarding our inherent sleep cycles and I just love that it acknowledges that while the reasons for sleep are universal, we each have individual sleep needs and drives. By making small adjustments to my daily routine I’ve noticed a greater sense of ease and flow, for example- by knowing that I am most alert and analytical between 4pm-6pm I a) don’t get frustrated with myself at 9am when I’m not fully switched on and b) I schedule my day differently so that I can maximise the times I am ready for a particular task.

What’s Your Erotic Blueprint? Quiz
->  What turns you on? What do you need from your environment and partner to get the ball rolling? How can you proactively support your own sex life and your partner’s? I’ve been exploring these questions and others relating to how to navigate a conscious relationship with JOY and ease, this quiz and the work of ‘Miss Jaiya’ is a piece of that journey.


“Dream, Freedom, Beauty” podcast
-> The first episode I listened to was with a woman named Liz Wheeler and they talk about the importance of reconnecting with your ancestors and share some really interesting insights into how you can do this. This was the first episode in a series and they are all amazing. Highly recommended! >listen<
-> I’ve gone on to listen to a number of other episodes on this channel and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all. The interview with Virginia Rosenberg is especially powerful and relevant. >listen< as well as the interview with Bloom Post about invoking ease & grace. >listen<

“Lifestyle of Reverence” podcast via Soundcloud
-> I might be a little biased as this podcast is hosted by Rochelle Schieck, founder of Qoya, but WOW! Roughly 20min each of powerful women talking about powerful things! I’ve totally been binge-listening to these and totally cannot think of a favourite!

“The Sophia Code” by Kaia-Ra, audiobook now on Audible
-> I read the book earlier in the year and phwoarrrr talk about energetic catalysts/inititations… I’m so happy this is available on audio now as I love the idea I can revisit the guided ceremonies for each of the goddesses whenever I feel called to, to anchor back into their energy/particular guidance.

“Heaven On Earth Prayer Collective”, archives by Kaia-Ra
-> Free, archival collection of the Kaia-Ra monthly prayer collective. With transmissions and downloads from the various goddesses and energies featured in the book “The Sophia Code”


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