10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

Today I finally got around to “formally” introducing myself to my new Insta-community and thought I’d share the same post over here so that you can get to know me a little better.

I figured it was time to say a proper HIIIII!
So my name is Klyne and I thought that instead of trying to sum myself up in some pretty bio I’d introduce myself with a list (I do love a good list) of 10 things many people don’t know about me!
1) My first tarot deck was a gift from my Mum when I was 10 years old. It came as a pack with a book, I-Ching coins and cardboard runes. I still have the tarot cards, wrapped in my Nanny’s favourite blue silk scarf and stored in my menstrual medicine box.
2) I love reading! I’ve been a voracious reader since I was really young. I gobble them up but will occasionally go through a book-free phase, like I’m digesting them, then pick right back up where I left off. These days I read mostly non-fiction but I also like to intersperse it with historical fiction (+ I totally love a good love story)
3) I worked as a cocktail waitress in a super-swanky hotel bar for a year while I lived in London (& yes I met my husband while I was working as a cocktail waitress) I feel like I was pretty green & a little naive about the world when I started, but I grew up so much in that one year! I had to work hard to not become super cynical seeing the extreme wealth and rampant ego in the clientele (quite a life experience though!)
4) When I was in grade 2 & 3 (about 7 years old) I used to spend my school lunch-times sitting in a tree I had named “Memory” who would tell me stories (send me visions) of her many Earthly incarnations and I would tell her all about how lonely and old I felt. It’s only now I can look back and see that I had experienced a beautiful and deep connection to a tree spirit as a young child.
5) I also used to “see” etheric cords as a child. I remember them looking like pink, sticky, web-like connections between myself and the people I love. So when I was at sleep-overs with my friends I would remind myself that I was still connected to my parents.
6) Back well before I knew anything about intentional manifesting/law of attraction (I think I was 19 years old) I sat and wrote a list of traits of my “perfect man”. I then found this list days before I married my husband and squealed when I realised he ticked every single one! From silly/fun things like “has a tattoo” (ha!) to “has kind eyes” and “loves music but isn’t a snob” etc
7) During my final school exams I was so sick with crippling anxiety, depression & PTSD that I took my exams in a separate room and took a 5min nap under the table every 30min. I also had a tissue soaked in rose geranium essential oil in my pocket which I kept inhaling (the beginning of my love affair with essential oils and this particular plant allie)
8) I moved to Melbourne as soon as I finished high school (from Byron Bay) after spending only 3 days there when I was 15 years old- I just knew it was where I needed to be! I lived in Melbourne for 3 years before moving to London for 2, then Sydney for 2.5, travelled for 6 months (Mexico & the UK), then Auckland for 18 months and now I find myself back in Melbourne a very different woman than the one I left as all those years ago!
9) I wear a lot of black! Light black, dark black, matte black, noir etc
10) I can’t stand the feeling of ice on my fingers! I got my tongue stuck to the freezer door as a kid (yep) and now it gives me the heeby-jeebies to touch/feel ice as it sticks even momentarily…

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