The Language of My Body

Learning the language of my body has been the most fulfilling, frustrating, beneficial, at times exhausting and definitely worthwhile projects of the last few years of my life.

Starting at roughly the end of 2012 with a pretty major health breakdown (I’ll dedicate a separate post into my healing journey so far, promise) I was basically cornered by my body into finally paying attention to it. There’s only so long you can completely ignore your body’s various attempts at direct communication before something major finally gets you to WAKE UP. Mine came earlier than many and later than some at the age of 22.

Looking back, knowing what I now know, I can see how long it was brewing and how many attempts my body tried to make for me to course-correct before getting to such an acute stage. Alas I was lacking any real connection to my body and/or concept of it as anything other than my basic vehicle and I either blatantly ignored it or completely misinterpreted the signs.

Fast-forward nearly five years and my life looks/feels vastly different and my ever-deepening connection to my body as a SACRED TEMPLE & F*CKING AWESOME GIFT has me treating Her preeeetty differently…

As I mentioned, I’ll go into much greater detail about my healing journey so far in another post, but for this post I wanted to share with you some of my body’s language that I have come to learn so far. Some of the subtle, and not-so-subtle, ways She tells me about Her state of physical wellness and balance. I also receive emotional, mental and spiritual messages through my body but today’s post is focused on the ways I listen closely every day to how I can meet Her physical needs.

On a daily basis I may notice any or all of these things, although it’s not that I anxiously run through a criteria or checklist every day looking for problems. Over the years I have experimented with a number of diets, lifestyle choices, ancient healing techniques/modalities and I have ebbed and flowed, tried with/without and through this ever-evolving process I have become the WORLD #1 EXPERT IN ME.
I can safely, without hesitation say that there is not a soul on this planet that knows my body better than I.

It’s all a far more complex dance than a simple blog post can express, but I hope that perhaps you see something that gets you asking questions of your body or taking greater note and reverence for “symptoms” as Messengers. Learning your body’s language will be an utterly unique journey and will open up a whole new range of vitality and subtlety and beauty in your life (not to mention it could prevent you getting to an acute stage of dis-ease)

I’ve intentionally kept it pretty vague because the vital thing to remember is that every body is different.
What one thing means for my body, could be a sign/communication of a totally different state of being in your body. I encourage you that if something rings a bell for you, look it up. Read a variety of opinions/sources on it and then check back in with you. Use your intuition. Seek professional help. Experiment with healing and take note of the results. Try and try again.

Yes, it’s effort. And it can be at times totally disheartening when something doesn’t work out as well as you’d hoped (or not at all) but remember that every single experience brings you more information, more knowledge, takes you closer to your truth and any effort to honour your body more deeply is ALWAYS rewarded.

◊ Skin- redness, texture (dry, oily, flaky, saggy), radiance, pimples (location, severity)
–> ahhh they often say it’s the thing you resist most that has the greatest gifts for you. I’ve come to see my skin as one of my most powerful tools for gauging my health. She communicates pretty directly with me about the state of my internal health (95% based on internal, maybe 5% products I’m using) and I’ve come to value Her insight; coming from a state of serious distress and dare I say hatred in my teens/early 20s. The most common lessons I learn from my skin is the state of health of my liver and if I’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with me (eg dairy causes me to breakout in pimples on my chest/back and wheat gives me sore pimples on my chin)

Gut/Digestion- bloating, bowel movements (regularity, shape, texture, smell), breath, pain during sex
–> This is a pretty straightforward one but wow it is a very powerful practice to sit with and listen to how your body reacts while processing different foods. This effects EVERY PROCESS IN YOUR BODY and has been the foundation of my entire journey to wellness. It has a huge impact on not only my physical state of health but absolutely effects my mental/emotional health (one day I’ll tell you the story of how I did my first at-home enema and cried because the feelings of anxiety and general sadness nearly evaporated and I was left feeling quiet & calm for pretty much the first time in my life…)

◊ Eyes- light sensitivity, whiteness of the sclera, blurry vision, puffiness or darkness around the eyes, itchy, weepy
–> I can really tell how vibrant I’m feeling by how white my eyes are. My vision gets extra blurry (yep, I need glasses already so I’m talking about a slightly different kind of blurry) when my liver is feeling a bit congested.

Back/Shoulder Pain- rate of tightness, location of tension (this can tell you A LOT about the root cause), sharp or dull pain, referred/connected to anywhere else
–> I’ll get real honest with you. These days, the #1 cause of any back/shoulder/neck pain I have has to do with elimination. Yep, you read that right, poo. I kid you not, especially sharp pain in my lower back and referred all the way up into my shoulder/neck. A cup of tea and sitting on the floor or an enema and alllllll sorted!

Breasts- shape, heaviness, tenderness
–> Seriously, I use my breasts as a very straightforward barometer of my health. Personally, my breasts change shape quite rapidly depending on my hormone levels & again the state of my liver has a huge effect on their shape/feel (did you know that breast massage is an incredibly effective form of detoxification!?)

Menstruation- regularity of cycle, level of pain/discomfort, length of cycle, place in Moon cycle, associated PMS
–> I believe menstruating is one of the greatest gifts of being a WOMBan. Definitely a post in and of itself, but personally I am still learning what a healthy cycle feels like for me and as I explore this utterly beautiful realm I feel deeply connected to myself & how I relate and reflect the cycles in Nature (*SWOON*)

Blessings to you all on this journey of reconnecting you to your greatest, most loyal ally-
Your Body

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