Can Walking Barefoot Heal Your Heart?
–> I’m a big fan of Nick Polizzi (creator & director of the documentary The Sacred Science) and his emails are a welcome sight in my (often cluttered) inbox. This article explores possible reasons why as humans we instinctively take off our shoes in order to calm down or relax. 

Antidepressants, Meditation, the Goddess and Antibiotics. Making Up Your Healing Path.
–> Danielle La Porte at it again. Excerpts from her new book White Hot Truth and a riff on making up your own healing path, free from fundamentalism on either side (conventional vs new age medicine)
Knowing the right  time and the right place is how you become your own healer

How to Speak to Someone About an Unspeakable Loss
–> I don’t know about you guys but I would really have loved education & emphasis on life-skills like this in school… I sincerely hope that this is part of the education for the future! Obviously the best kind of education though is by embodying it ourselves and passing it on to the next generation. The wisdom in this simple, straightforward article are especially helpful for me as I continue on this journey of holding sacred space during Qoya classes.

Massimo Bottura Calls on the Power of Chefs to Feed the World
–> There’s not much I don’t ADORE about this article- a world-renowned chef that is also a seriously good guy championing a food revolution that aims to feed the world & partnering with the Aussie charity OzHarvest who are right on the front lines here in Australia having just opened the world’s first food waste supermarket! It’s people and organisations like this that fill me with hope, joy & pride for the innovative & compassionate spirit of human beings.

The Magdalene Mysteries and the Path of the Blue Rose
–> After being put onto the Magdalene Trilogy by Kathleen McGowan, my fascination and pull towards the woman Mary Magdalene has continued to grow in intensity… (I’m sure this will make it’s way into a blog post when I’m at a considerably digested stage, right now it’s all IN-IN-IN/ABSORB-INTEGRATE-REFLECT)
This is an essay written by Veronica Goodchild and worth a read for the curious. I’m not saying I 100% believe in her version or theory, I’m still processing and taking in a number of perspectives to see which resonates the most with me and this is worth a read if you’re interested too.

The World Really Wanted Britney Spears to Fail: She Didn’t
–> As a child I really wanted to be a famous actress. I loved acting and was in a number of theatre groups, but truth be told the allure of being recognised and loved by the whole world was a pretty huge draw-card for Little Klyne (hmm we could totally analyse the shit out of this, alas, I won’t be)
Somewhere along the way this desire changed and as I grew older I realised that while its “glamourous” (whatever that even means!) there are also incredible burdens inherent in famous people’s lives, just like in non-famous people’s lives (surprise, surprise) but luckily for us there isn’t millions or billions of people watching and judging.
I love how this article made me take a look at my own complicity in the harassment of a woman (you buy trashy mags or click on click-bait gossip articles- you’ve played a part!)
Every action has a consequence and I really hope that we can have more honest conversations around mental illness.

Dolphins Deliberately Get High On Puffer Fish
–> I love dolphins. Seriously. I had a bedroom PLASTERED in dolphins as a kid (and whales, obvs)
I am also deeply interested in the idea that “getting high”/altering your state of consciousness is not something to be ashamed of, or a personal defect, that instead it is a very natural and inherent inclination that we as humans share with other members of the animal kingdom. So I collect any articles I find that explore this concept. This article is one of those and makes me SMILE 🙂

Frustrated 5 year old’s Speech About “Marack Obama” Is Deeply Relatable
–> What do we do when we live in a world that is pretty cray-cray?
Well, I pray and meditate, dance and LAUGH as much as I possibly can.
This video is one that totally made my day.

2017 is The Year of Kali
–> The Goddess Kali is the Goddess of endings & beginnings. Life & death. Creation & destruction.
I’ve definitely been feeling Kali vibes this year.

How to be an Ally to Muslim Women & Truly Embrace Intersectional Feminism
–> Can this be added to every school curriculum everywhere? Thanks.

Ireland’s Mysterious Carvings of Old Women Exposing Their Genitals
–> Um. This is amazing. Have you heard of sheela-na-gigs? If not, please check out this introductory article. Although the article talks about a lack of knowledge/understanding of what the symbol means, but I am sure that with further digging/research they have to do with fertility, birthing new generations and various esoteric teachings on the Womb of the Universe.


  • Samantha says:

    Just wanted to say how much I love your site honey. I’ll be spending some time this weekend devouring these insightful musings and posts. <3

    • klyne says:

      I am so grateful for your kind words, beautiful lady xx It is so appreciated & felt. Sending love & infinite blessings your way, in all ways, always x

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