Let Mother Nature Be Your Financial Planner
–> I am allllllll about moving away from the linear notions of time that our society has created/imposed upon us. Moving with the astrological cycles, with the seasonal cycles, with nature (I can feel this will be a post all of its own one day…) . This sweet article is from the wonderful Christiane Northrup and taps into a way of being that encourage flow.

A Free Self-Love Guided Meditation From One of My Favourite Teachers
–> If you’re not already following Maryam on instagram (@vibrationalmedicine) I cannot recommend it enough… She speaks straight to my heart (and definitely my pineal gland). She speaks the language of Rumi and yet is contemporary and real… She also has some wonderful YouTube videos

7 Herbs for Grounding & Purifying- Especially for Empaths & Healers
–> Learning how to care for your energetic field is absolutely crucial in today’s time of accelerated change and transformation. This is a wonderfully written article that is clear, easy to follow and also weaves in the wisdom of the chakra system.

Danielle LaPorte’s Spectacular Public Library Full of Spirit-Loving Freebies!

There is Political Power in Rejecting Overconsumption
–> We have the power to create HUGE change. If we just try.
Fascinating link between over-consumption, fast fashion and sexism.

“The fact is that major corporations rely on our business to survive, meaning that our consumer dollars are precisely what makes their dubious production practices successful — or not.”

Comprehensive, Free Moon Guides
–> From the wonderful blog Moon + Quartz to help you get the most out of the moon phases in each of the star signs



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