My Favourite Bedtime Trick


This trick was found via one of my favourite bloggers Organic Olivia.

It’s one of the most simple routines I engage in every day, and yet has had a profound effect on my quality of sleep, my skin and the health of my liver and digestive system.

Are you ready for it-

One large teaspoon of honey just before going to bed.

That’s it.

It seems counter-intuitive right?
Sugar, just before bed?

When in actual fact our wonderful, hard-working liver needs fuel in order to regenerate itself as we sleep.
Honey, together with its many other special (I think rather magical) properties has an incredibly healing effect.

Now, I’m not going to pretend to know how each step in this process occurs (I highly recommend you head over to the original <a style=”color: #000000;” href=”https://organicolivia generic”>article to check it out) but I do know the difference it’s made for me and the people I’ve mentioned it to.
In the article, Olivia mentions that this technique is found (in some form) in many traditional cutlures all around the world and has three key benefits- deep sleep, weight loss and liver health.

A super important thing to also consider is the honey that you buy/use.
Please make sure it is raw and organic; if honey is heated to high temperatures as is done in most commercially bought jars, all of the good bacteria and healing juju is destroyed, likewise for heavily sprayed plants.

Also preferably from a lovely, ethically-minded local beekeeper. Local honey is also doubly effective, as the pollen used by the bees can help our bodies stay in tune with our local environment and potentially help during periods of seasonal inflammation and allergies.

Let me know if you give this a try and how it goes!

PS Our (the World’s) bees are in pretty serious trouble… With pesticides killing off entire populations in alarming numbers and mysterious bee illness epidemics also greatly affecting numbers, they really need our help.
Check out this link for more info on exactly what is going on and how you can help
Here Here & Here

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