LISTEN: Radical Sexual Embodiment & Tony Robbins

by Gina Ann Wombacher

LISTEN posts are a recommendation series that focus on inspiring, informative & empowering audio (podcasts, soundcloud, YouTube, audiobooks etc) that I’m currently immersing myself in…
Discovering audiobooks was a HUGE revolution for me. Knowledge and wisdom at my fingertips, the ability to absorb information while commuting and having high vibrational beings speak directly into my brain… Woweee…

◊ The Herb Nerd: Radical Sexual Embodiment: Magdalena Curtis (ep #016) Podcast

◊ The Herb Nerd: Ancestral Healing: Amanda Lyon (ep #002) Podcast

◊ The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo: The Case For Pain (ep #137) Podcast

Improve Your Life Using the Wisdom of the Ages by Dr Wayne Dyer, Audiobook

◊ The Tim Ferriss Show: Tony Robbins- On Achievement vs Fulfillment (ep #178) Podcast

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