Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh: Only Love Can Save Us From Climate Change
–> Revisiting one of my ALL.TIME.FAVOURITE.ARTICLES.EVER. after the rather scary/alarming/fearful/far-too-real posts circulating recently about our society having reached the Climate Change Point of No Return…

An Eco-Friendly Cork/Natural Rubber Yoga Mat WITH FULL MOON

Could this Mathematical Algorithm Replace the Pill!?
–> The physicist responsible for discovering the Higgs Boson has put her considerable brain power behind finding a safe & natural alternative to the Pill…. In preliminary trials it has had a 99.5% efficacy!

The Scruffy Magpie that Taught A Family About Unconditional Love
–> Yep. I sobbed. Pretty uncontrollably… ♥
Favourite: As far as we are concerned, Penguin is living proof that angels come in all shapes and sizes.

A Brief Intro to the Science of Epigenetics & Why You Can’t Just Blame “Bad Genes”
–> I love the work of Dr Bruce Lipton (see YouTube for a thorough introduction) and this article takes a look at our dogmatic belief in the Human Genome, the rather astonishing results of this huge scientific endeavour and the role quantum physics plays in re-shaping our views on, well, reality…

Cetaphil: The Truth
–> “Cetaphil probably has the best PR of any facial soap. Beauty magazines gush over it as a no-frills $8 must-have. Dermatologists love to recommend it as a mild and non-irritating facial cleanser for two reasons: it doesn’t contain fragrance and, more tellingly, because MDs have a big Pharma love affair with the manufacturer, Galderma, the offspring of Nestlé and L’Oréal, which also makes acne drugs like Differin.”
– BOOM –

The Health Benefits of Japanese ‘Forest Bathing’
–> I’m a total, self-confessed dendrophile (in the platonic sense, of course)
I have collections of photographs of trees from all over the world and will often stop mid-stride to gaze up at the beauty and majesty of these incredible and ancient Spirits (to the annoyance of people walking behind me-eeep sorry!)

What Being Naked in the Snow Taught Me
–> A super interesting blog entry from Nick Polizzi, the creator of the documentary on Ayahausca called ‘The Sacred Science’, about the various ancient healing traditions involving the exposure of the human body to high and low temperatures


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