I Will F*ck Up & Disappoint People- So Will You & It’s OK
–> You know when you find an article and just want to SCREAM AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS-YESSSSS!??!!
Well this one is it for me. Yes, yes so many yeses…
“…the last thing any of us, men or women, need right now is being told how to show up and then being called out for showing up in the ‘wrong’ way.”
PS if you don’t know about the blog TheUrbanHowl I highly recommend you acquaint yourself…

◊ Pumpkin Pie Muffins with Coconut Frosting

–> YUM. I ♥ Pumpkin… Must try this ASAP

Your DNA is Responding to New Codes
–> I was gifted a printout of this article by a customer at work (true story). A little ascension-language-y but I resonated with a lot of it… Especially the “Feelings of an impending change”. Oh boy, yes…

5 Pointers for Developing Freedom Based Creativity & Work Habits
–> Danielle La Porte.
I’ll be mentioning her a lot more.
You’re welcome x
“Freedom is a state of mind that you have to develop. Or more accurately, and paradoxically, Freedom is a way of being that you have surrender to with great discipline.”

Become a Badass #Girlboss During Virgo Season
–> FUN FACT: Mercury rules the sign of Virgo… Therefore extra potency around Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Sun time…
There’s no better time than right now through late September to commit to the practice of just doing it—no matter what.”

A New Paradigm for Approaching Mercury Retrograde
–> “What if we turned Mercury Retrograde into a conscious process?”
Let that one sink in for a minute…

The Deepest Magic: To Know Yourself, Know Your Ancestors
–> then check out The Genographic Project

Ayni, or Sacred Reciprocity- 5 Ways to Manifest True Abundance
–> Interconnected philosophy from the Q’ero (Incan) tradition. With simple, daily practices to help you bring more abundance and joy into your life…

LISTEN: Science Meets Shamanism with Bruce Lipton & Nicki Scully
–> Epigenetics+Quantum Physics+Egyptian Shamanistic Practices… Amazing conversation to immerse yourself in…

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