Cord magic the living by Collin McAdoo
Cord magic the living by Collin McAdoo

‘Cord magic the living’ by Collin McAdoo

Your Brain Has A “Delete” Button Here’s How to Use It 
–> Fascinating look at how our brains “tidy up”+more reasons why napping is an awesome idea (YAY)
“If you spend too much time reading theories about the end of Game of Thrones and very little on your job, guess which synapses are going to get marked for recycling?”

Micro-Dosing LSD in Silicon Valley 
–> Popular magazine WIRED explores the use of micro-doses of LSD and magic mushrooms in some of the world’s most competitive industries

An Indigenous Approach to Healing Trauma
–> The gifts of contemplation and mindful listening as experienced by the original peoples of Australia
“Deep, respectful, contemplative, heart-based listening based on loving acceptance instead of judgment may well be the optimal reflection for a traumatised limbic system to use as a model for restructuring.”

Hear Me Roaaarrrrrr–> 5 Wild Women Who Are Changing The World

How to Stay Motivated When You’re Not Seeing Results 
–> Oh Marie Forleo…
A super-sweet and call-that-shit-out video to beautifully remind us that it’s
All about the JOURNEY, not the destination

5 Reasons Why Your Moon Time is Sacred & POWERFUL 
–> Currently immersing myself in all that it is to be WOMAN and this article ticks so many boxes… Required reading for all the Ladies x

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